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When the landscape you have known falls away. When your familiar path becomes foreign for Times of Grief (Wanton Gospeller Press, 2016). Click here for the Covid-19 resources page, and then ​scroll down for other poems for these uncertain times. 31 Mar 2018 Why do you look for the living among the dead? Where are you looking for Life?

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Do not go Posted in Uncategorized Tagged Blessings, Dealing with chaos, general, Genesis 32:24, inspiration, Jan Richardson, life, poems, Spirituality, Wrestling with covid-19 2 Comments Wedding Patience With Longing Blessing the Dust – A Blessing for Ash Wednesday (by Jan Richardson) All those days you felt like dust, like dirt, as if all you had to do was turn your face toward the wind and be scattered to the four corners. or swept away by the smallest breath as insubstantial – did you not know what the Holy One can do with dust? This is the day we Jan is an artist, writer, and ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. She serves as director of The Wellspring Studio, LLC, and travels widely as a retreat leader and conference speaker. Known for her distinctive intertwining of word and image, Jan’s work has attracted an international audience drawn to the welcoming and imaginative spaces that she creates in her books, online Literacy experts Jan Richardson and Michele Dufresne have developed a new guided reading system called Literacy Footprints that will help teachers provide powerful small-group literacy instruction.

Comes like a mercy So may we know the hopethat is not justfor somedaybut for this day—here, now,in this momentthat opens to us:hope not madeof wishesbut of substance,hope made of sinewand muscleand bone,hope that has breathand a beating heart,hope that will notkeep quietand be polite,hope that knowshow to Sep 30, 2019 Welcoming Blessing by Jan Richardson Sep 30, 2019 Aug 29, 2019 Eagle Poem by Joy Harjo Aug 29, 2019 2016-01-03 · Think of the year as a house: door flung wide in welcome, threshold swept and waiting, a graced spaciousness opening and offering itself to you. Let it be blessed in every room. Jan RiChaRDSon.

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Sherry, thank you so much! I’m sorry this poem hasn’t been published in a book yet, but it might just make its way into one down the road.

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Poem: Risen:  1 Jan 2015 This week,… December 18, 2018. In "poetry". the long way 'round. Recently, I have been savoring the book  3 Oct 2016 Buy my collection of queer Christian poetry here.

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To all that is chaotic. in you, 2020-07-30 · Jan Richardson has summed up in this prayer the condition of our entire world in this time of Pandemic, world wide political upheaval, and uncertainty.
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But this word has been in the wilderness for months. Years. This word is what remained after everything else was worn away by sand and stone. It is what withstood the glaring of sun by day, the weeping loneliness of the moon at night. Now 2019-08-03 · Thank you Jan. This beautiful poem is vey timely for me also – in so many ways.

Her visual images present the depth of spiritual transformation with strikingly creative insight." –Joyce Rupp, Author, Open the Door "Jan's evocative images provide the perfect visual focus for reflection."-Ed Newell, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, England By jacksonnhcc No Comments on Christmas Morning – Offering a poem by Jan Richardson Posted on December 25, 2020 December 25, 2020 Posted in Advent & Christmas, Home Post navigation Christmas in our Own Words with Gia Osborne (banjo by Chief Perley) Jan Richardson gets to the heart of things. This book is filled with poems of blessing for each day. I look at the titles and read the one that draws me. The psalm always touches me, inspires me and guides me toward love and hope. I have read all her books and this is a book I pray with each day. I read from it every morning when I drink my coffee. Jan Richardson.
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Here is only emptiness, a hollow, a husk where a blessing used to be. This blessing was not content in its confinement. It could not abide its isolation, the unrelenting silence, 2020-03-04 2019-08-03 2020-09-09 Jan Richardson is an author and artist known for such books as The Cure for Sorrow, Night Visions, and In the Sanctuary of Women. 2015-07-21 2020-07-31 —Jan Richardson.

The Painted Prayerbook. The Advent Door 2017-05-12 · Pray with me a prayer of Baptism: Grant, O Lord, that as we are baptized into the death of thy blessed Son our Savior Jesus Christ, so by continually mortifying our corrupt affections we may be buried with him; and that through the grave and gate of death, we may pass to our joyful resurrection; for his merits, who died, and was buried, and rose again for us, thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Poems of Grief.
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By Jan Richardson. There is no remedy for love but to love more. – Henry David Thoreau. Let us agree. for now. that we will not say. the breaking.

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MAJAKOVSKIJ Klassiker om Halland av Richardson. RICHARDSON, JACOB.